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Private Duty Nursing (PDN)

PDN is a State Plan Service that is provided through a nursing agency for children and adults who require skilled nursing that is substantial, complex, and continuous. Substantial means that the tasks required to care for the child are nurse-level tasks, as determined by the North Carolina Board of Nursing. Complex means that the child requires scheduled, hands-on nursing interventions and not merely observation in case an intervention is required. Continuous means skilled nursing assessments requiring interventions are performed at least every 2 hours during the time frame PDN services are provided. 

There are separate policies for pediatrics (under age 21) and adults (ages 21 and over), and the criteria scoring is different for the two policies. The adult policy requires significant respiratory involvement, but the pediatric policy has multiple ways to qualify. Both policies list a maximum of 112 hours per week, but since this is a state plan service, EPSDT enables kids under 21 to request additional hours due to medical necessity.