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Innovations Waiver


What Happens When an Innovations Slot Becomes Available?

When a slot is available for your child, your LME/MCO will notify you. Following the notification, the LME/MCO will verify your child’s eligibility for the Innovations waiver. This process will require an updated psychological evaluation that includes adaptive scores, along with any relevant medical documentation. Once the eligibility documentation has been reviewed and approved, a care coordinator will be assigned to the waiver participant.

In addition to a Supports Intensity Scale (SIS), which is performed by a separate assessor, the case coordinator will also be performing a Risk/Support Needs Assessment to assist with determining your child’s level of care. Additional assessments may also be needed and utilized to make this determination. Once level of care is established, the Individual Service Plan (ISP) must be developed within 60 calendar days. The ISP is developed in coordination with the waiver participant and their family to determine what services will be put in place to support/assist the waiver participant. The ISP is updated annually during the birth month of the waiver participant, whenever there is a change in the waiver participant’s life circumstances, or at the waiver participant’s request. 

The care coordinator is the person the waiver participant/family should go to when they want/need to make a change to the ISP. The care coordinator also helps connect with service providers to ensure the implementation of services in the ISP.