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Innovations Waiver


Relative as Provider

Parents/legal guardians of the minor participants of Innovations waiver services can provide Community Living and Supports (CLS) up to 40 hrs/wk, if they meet criteria as having “extraordinary needs.” Extraordinary needs/care is defined as (1) care that exceeds the range of activities that a legally responsible individual would ordinarily perform in the household on behalf of a person without a disability or chronic illness of the same age and (2) care that is necessary to assure the health and welfare of the participant and avoid institutionalization.

Relatives and guardians living in the home with an adult participant of Innovations waiver services can provide CLS services up to 40 hrs/wk without approval by their LME/MCO (but must be reported to LME/MCO). For requests of 41 to 84 hrs/wk, approval must be obtained by the LME/MCO, and justification must also be provided as to why there is no other qualified provider available to provide CLS. Provider choice, along with assurances that the participant is not being isolated from their community, must also be included in the request.

In both instances, the service can be provided through an agency or through an Employer of Record.