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Innovations Waiver


Employer of Record (EOR)

A member, legal guardian, or parent (when the child is under 18) can become the Employer of Record (EOR). Seven services in Innovations can be self-directed through the EOR model – Community Living and Support, Respite, Community Networking, Supported Employment, Individual Goods and Services, Natural Support Education, and Supported Living. The EOR can choose to self-direct any or all of these services.

In some cases, a representative is added by the member, legal guardian, or parent (when the child is under 18) to assist the member in EOR responsibilities or to step in as needed.

Before the EOR model of services can begin, the EOR (and representative, when applicable) must undergo 3 months of training by the Community Navigator. Once this is complete and the certificate is obtained, the Care Manager will perform an EOR assessment to develop the plan of care. 

Once approved, there will be a budget for EOR supplies which can include a computer and set up for internet. There is a maximum pay rate for each service but paying employees on a sliding scale for experience allows for pay increases while building up a fund balance to use for incentive bonuses. The EOR can work with their Financial Support Services agency for assistance with this.