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Meet Talynn

Parent(s) Names:
Taylor and Chad
Younger Sister
Bohring-Optiz Syndrome
Medicaid waiver services used:
 Innovations waiver now; previously used CAP/C waiver
Medicaid State Plan services used:
wheelchair; activity chair; stander; bath chair; oxygen; chest percussion vest; cpap; suction machine; therapies.

How did getting CAP/C help your family?

Taylor said, “We received the best thing ever—the world of sleep! With all of Talynn’s needs, it has been like having a newborn for 10 years.”


How have you survived the difficult times of raising a daughter with special needs?

Taylor and Chad say that they have surrounded themselves with very positive people and agree to no “what ifs” about Talynn. They focus on what she can do and not what she can’t do. And, they have accepted the fact that Talynn is like a puzzle. Each day they look for different pieces of that puzzle to make things work and fit together for what is best for Talynn.

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