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Meet Su’Rai

Guardian(s) Names:
Aunt Melissa and Uncle Maxie
Younger brother, older brother, and older cousins
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Medicaid waiver services used:
CAP/C – consumer direction with Melissa as paid caregiver and older cousins as paid respite providers
Medicaid State Plan services used:
diapers; diaper pads; medical and nutrition supplies; wheelchair; bath chair; adaptive trike; therapies; Su’Rai’s family is preparing to request a home modification

How did getting CAP/C help your family?

Melissa says their case manager has been a tremendous support in getting her through the hard times. Their family learned to accommodate to Su’Rai’s world and her medical needs when they took her in through kinship foster care. Having someone who could inform them about available services was a huge help.


What brings Su’Rai joy?

She loves any type of upbeat music. Her most cherished toy is her Leap Frog maraca, which she holds in her hand all day. It even sleeps in the bed with her. She gets excited when she hears it, and she will sing and move along with the music. She has such an outgoing personality that comes out even more when music is involved.

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