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Meet Moira

Parent(s) Names:
Dania and Dan
Older brother and younger sister
Pontocerebellar hypoplasia type 2a
Medicaid waiver services used:
CAP/C waiver – consumer direction with mom as paid PNA caregiver; respite; case management; home modification; vehicle modification; adaptive car seat; adaptive trike; CTE funds. 
Medicaid State Plan services used:
oxygen; g-j tube/supplies; formula; suction machine/supplies; chest PT vest; wheelchair; activity chair; bath chair; cough assist; cpap/bipap/vent; AAC device; therapies.

How has having CAP/C helped your family?

CAP/C has allowed both parents to maintain employment for many years, but now that Moira’s disease has progressed and her needs have intensified, it allows one parent to be a paid caregiver. Having a respite aide has given them time to focus on self care and activities with their other children. 

What are Moira’s best qualities?

Dania says her daughter has a great sense of humor with impressive comedic timing, thanks to her AAC device. She loves to learn, and she especially enjoys listening to books and science podcasts. She also loves to spend time outside, go for strolls in the neighborhood park, and create art. She’s a patient listener and loves spending time with her siblings, who require lots of patience (as siblings do).  And despite everything she’s been through, she has a bright smile from ear to ear that can make your heart dance.

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