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Meet Matthew

Parent(s) Names:
Fran and Anita
Traumatic Brain Injury
Medicaid waiver services used:
CAP/C – consumer direction with Fran as the paid caregiver; working on getting an adaptive trike (which parents are sure the dogs will love)
Medicaid State Plan services used:
diapers; diaper pads; syringes; caregiver training and education funds; therapies

What do you see as a need in the community?

Parents should have access to CAP/C, and it’s frustrating that so many doctors don’t know the process, Anita says. She also feels that there needs to be more education about what is available for children and families.


Tell us about the things that 5-year-old Matthew enjoys.

His number one hobby is music–any kind of music. He sings and dances along with Cocomelon. He also enjoys making artwork, swimming, and playing with his two dogs, Chloe and Teddy.

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