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Advocacy Opportunities

View our current advocacy priorities, the bills we’re following, how to share your story with policymakers, and send an advocacy email.

Current Advocacy Priorities:

The shortage of long-term in-home nurses is hurting North Carolina families

Click the image below to learn more details about the shortage of long-term in-home nurses in NC.

All CAP/C documents including for consumer direction need to be made available in Spanish by DHB.
CAP/C families need an updated Clinical Coverage Policy for CAP/C that reflects the new waiver services.
NC families need a data dashboard for CAP/C and other LTSS services available online.
CAP/C families need access to eCAP to view their children’s information and services.
Passing of the Medical Nutrition Equity Act (MNEA) which requires public and private insurances to cover medically necessary foods, vitamins, and minerals for the management of certain digestive and metabolic disorders.
CAP/C families need an Ombudsman who can assist/support families in accessing services, navigating denials, and finding other resources.
Passing of the Accelerating Kids’ Access to Care Act (H.R. 4758) which requires Medicaid departments across the country to develop an accelerated process for kids on Medicaid to receive out-of-state care.

Bills We're Following:

How to Share Your Story with Policymakers

Our friends at MomsRising have put together this toolkit to walk you through how to share your story with policymakers.
Click the image below to view all details.

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